The Curriculum of Life


My name is Karl Beckford. I have a clear vision of what I want to build in this world. I imagine a world in which the vast majority of children wake up every single morning inspired to go to school, feel safe while they’re there and return home content and fulfilled.

Everything I do, whether its writing, teaching, therapy or some other form of expression is almost always devoted to help build that world.


Team Kick Start’s service is the curriculum of life.

We help our young people to grow in many different ways; we specialise in delivering PE lessons, child therapy, mentoring and extra curricular activities.

TKS have a team of sports specialist who have been providing PPA cover and sport in schools since 2011. We have a team of therapists who provide emotional and therapeutic services in primary and secondary schools, building resilience through talking, creative work and play.


Our mission is to ensure that children get the opportunity to learn, enjoy and progress whilst taking part in PE in Schools. Our vision is to shape children’s habits and lay solid foundations that will lead them to become active and healthy adults. TKS will provide and deliver a bespoke yearly overview based on the vast range of national curriculum inspired activities, including:

The Subject knowledge, enthusiasm and passion of our PE instructors is what makes sport with TKS truly exceptional. We understand how to create a culture in Schools that will not only help children to be excited about PE and sport but also develop a love for exercise that will last for many years to come.

Team Kick Start at Canonbury Pimary School

Team Kick Start's staff members' knowledge is invaluable in supporting our pupils far beyond their lessons and provision in physical education.


Team Kick Start provides emotional and therapeutic support in primary and secondary schools, developing children’s emotional wellness through talk, creative work and play.

Emotional wellness is an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than just being free from illness; it is a process of change and growth and this is what we fervently believe will enhance our children’s lives.

Within our therapy sessions, our ultimate goal is to help children work towards being emotionally well. This will empower children to express feelings without any constraints. In turn, children will become more comfortable with emotional expression, create a love of self and be capable of forming supportive and interdependent relationships with others.


Team Kick Start have worked alongside other agencies such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and safeguarding leads so that they have accurate information and can work towards collaborative targets.


As a recognised and trusted School support body, Team Kick Start is totally dedicated to securing a comprehensive extra curricular service, providing a variety of activities ranging from core sports and multi sports, to artistic activities such as drama and chess. All extra curricular activities main focus is FUN, where children can make new friends whilst enjoying and learning the activity of their choice.

Team Kick Start has a team of experienced and qualified staff, who treat the safety of children as paramount. We adhere to offer a comprehensive range of opportunities and encourage the active involvement of all pupils. Increasing participation rates and promoting enjoyment of sport remains the cornerstone of Team Kick Start’s focus.

Karl is always considerate of the individual needs of the children including physical, behavioural and emotional - he adapts his processes to engage them all inclusively in his sessions


Below are just come of the schools and organisations that we work with.